Guide to Saving Money on a Daily Basis


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Saving money for the future, for an investment or for a vacation shouldn’t be that hard if you do it on a daily basis. Like with any worthy goals, it’s all about developing the right habits. When these habits become ingrained as part of your lifestyle, saving for anything you have in mind should be a breeze. Here are some ways to save money on a daily basis:

Start with a goal

When starting out to develop a new habit, you need a goal. Start with small and realistic goals then go from there. Maybe you want to go on a month-long vacation abroad. You can set a deadline and start saving towards the fulfillment of that goal. Setting goals will help jump start the saving habit.In fact, it gives you a reason that will motivate you enough to save money.

Create a budget

It’s hard to set aside money for a specific goal if you don’t have a budget. Your budget will serve as the map that will guide you towards the fulfillment of our goal. If you want to save money for real and for good, you need to take your time figuring out how to spend your income. Deduct it with expenses and save the rest.

Track your daily expenses

Writing your budget and sticking with it are two different things. It’s not always that you’ll be able to follow your budget to a tee. This is why tracking your daily expenses is important. When you have a written record of where your money goes, you know which areas you are spending more than necessary.

Cut down extra expenses

Other than setting aside a certain percentage of your income for savings, you can amp up your saving habit by cutting down on extra expenses. Take a good and thorough look at your expenses record and focus on cutting down the extras. Maybe you need to tone down your coffee consumption. Maybe you should dine less or drink less. A little change and a little nip here and there can make a whole world of difference in the long run.

Always carry cash

Using your credit cards for everything is certainly handier but it’s not going to help you save more money in the end. For every swipe of that card, there’s an interest you also need to pay for. It’s a different story altogether if you use cash. When you carry and buy with cash, you are more conscious about your spending habit. You might even think twice about spending when you think cash is low.

Sign up for automatic savings

If you’re having a difficult time saving money, it’s best to make it automatic. You can speak with your bank and set up automatic deduction. Once the paycheck comes in, the amount of savings you specify is immediately deducted and transferred to your savings account. This way, you put the money out of sight and out of mind allowing you to focus on budgeting what’s left after savings.

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